Fooditude blog


I am a student in Manchester with a heightened passion for food and drink after working over the summer in one of Manchesters hottest bars!

One night while eating at a restaurant with my girlfriend I was told off about taking too many pictures of food and not concentrating on the date night. And that’s when it dawned on me, why not create a place that all my pictures can be seen of all food places I visit. Manchester is abundant in food a drink spots and it’s forever growing. And it’s summer which is as awful as it sounds boring at times as everyone has moved back to their home towns for the holiday.

So why do this? I will never be bored “just me food and Fooditude,” it gives me an excuse to take more pictures when out BUT even more of an excuse to eat and drink out more!ย 

About me

As I said I am 20 year old student in Manchester. My humble roots are African specifically Zambian. I was raised in the English town of Stafford before I moved to Manchester for university.

Part of my course has trained me as a chef and part of my Manchester life as taught me to take decent pictures. As I have a great pool of inspiration from new friends around me.


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