Tariff & Dale


My lunch spot for the week! 
Tariff and Dale is a nominee for ” Newcomer of the year.” And to be honest I see why, it’s a restaurant simple at doing what it does. Offers a great range of drinks and food with a selection of menus for the different times of day.
I’m wishing to visit all the nominee restaurants in the newcomers category just to get a view on which is the best one. But so far Tariff & Dale have set a high lunch bar.
Check them out yourself and other nominees food and drink awards

Lunch time. One absolute chilled place with great food at lunch! I can see why they have been nominated for best newcomer in Manchester ✌🏾️
β€’We had 2 of the 3 piece boards salami Milano, fresh as fuckk salmon, Cambrian dry cured ham and some olives! The PARMESAN CHIPS THOUGH! 🍟

I would defo recommend a visit during lunch cause I’m wishing to visit again for dinner soon. I’m giving it a ✌✌✌✌ salute.


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