A member of Living ventures it is a more chilled spot amongst the LV group (The Alchemist, Australasia and Gusto in Manchester) It is a very eye catching establishment with so much art around, kinda like a busy studio that serve the filling food.

I work in Spinningfields and now the summer is over that area has gone a little quiet around lunch which may be considered a blessing for fooditude21 but deffo not for me 😏. I am getting bored and hungry a lot, anywho I am allowed a 2 hour break this allows me to check out some spots.

Artisan displayed a decent price menu and intriguing lunch menu. The dessert wasn’t as eye catch as the rest of the menu or art around which I do believe the need to improve. To be honest when I went in there it was as quiet as my place of work 😂 But it was so much better to relax and refresh my head with some real good food. Like you want to enjoy your company but be filled enough to say “Fuck me I’m ready to fall asleep in front of the tv” which made it even harder to back to work 😂

I give Artisan a ✌️✌️✌️ Fooditude salute


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