Grindsmith a self run coffee business that has done a lot of work to be nominated in this years MFDF Awards for “Coffee bar or tea shop of the year!” And I was happy to vote for them. It’s a place where coffee flows (great quality may I say) and you can sit in the robust place and enjoy the company around you or the company you want to surround yourself in your head as you delve in a book. But saying that they are a place where you can get some work done it’s the modern internet cafe with some pretty creative people. They were hosts to ‘Off the Rails mag‘ launch party but also to their work spot.

Okay from this you can realise that i loved this spot but if you felt the friendliness, professionalism of hospitality and the fact I spent 3 hours plus in a coffee house just chatting and drinking coffe,e I don’t know who wouldn’t rate that. What would you want from a coffee spot? It must have great coffee, a great ambience and friendly staff.For me it hit it all of them and I do seem to visit frequently on my break at work to get my head out of the cray work game.

However only big thing it hasn’t got is enough spaces to sit. when I went in the first time it was sweet as they knew I was gonna be there so I got to sit in an area my friend works in, but I did an unannounced visit today and I did notice a lack of seating but I guess it encourages socialising which it as i did do met a really friendly person. I guess thats what’s been missing with coffee spots what with all wide open spaced places like the main branded places.

✌✌✌✌ Fooditude salute! 


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