I can’t Believe it.

Hi foodituers, it is 5 am in England as I write this, first and formost I do want to thank everyone following me so far! we are doing better than I suspected, 800+ followers in 3 weeks is incredible you must’ve the same fooditude I have!!


I have felt extremely shitty not posting anything on any social media in the last few days. I do have a genuine passion for this so much so I felt guilty that I didn’t post anything 😏. Anyway that will change after a series of moves I am wishing to make in the near future.

As a student I will be targeting student places but also places that non-students could consider as hot and try to find the discounts we want. Uni begins on the 21 that hopefully means less hours at work and more free time for OBVIOUSLY studies but also the important stuff… FOOOD AND DEFINITELY DRINKS…. WOOOOOO ALCHOL 😂✊👌😅😆.

Anyway, all this mean is I can post at least 3 times or more a week, which is what I wanted to do. I will be holding competitions to get locals to hot venues with exclusive discounts.😌

I am thankful for whats happening, and  I am glad I’m getting so much good feedback bout this please carry on I know I am being hella ambitious with some ideas but thats what happens when you get carried away. Again a Massive thank you but please don’t stop all we can do is share what’s happening around Manchester.

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