I set myself the curry mile challenge to check out the many places of curry mile. First spot on the challenge was Mughli!

 I know that a lot of places on the mile don’t serve alcohol and as a bunch of students a non alcoholic night was not on the cards 😂🍻. To be honest looking back at it, this place does the right stuff for students you get a discount with your uni card and even then food is pretty cheap. And if you go as a group and split it gets cheaper for everyone. 😉

Let’s get back to the food I went for the buttermilk chicken, apparently one of their most popular dishes and I understand that shizz is bloody cracking like the hint of honey and medium spice really goes well. And then the usual type of rice selection you’d expect. 😊 

Service was relaxed like you have one server who looks after you but another just takes your order I think, we were served by many people but it was pretty cool that the food was delivered to us by the chefs cause you don’t get that and you get to see a face to the food 😊 Everyone who looked after us was pretty cool and open to convo no one likes an awkward waiter. 😅

This place is a definite : Fooditude student recommended spot

Mughli gets a ✌✌️✌ Fooditude salute 


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