First and foremost well done to this restaurant wining best newcomer! For me after tasting what they had it was close between them and Tariff and Dale!

They had been hyped by like everyone who had been! Not one person I had met who had tried something there said a bad word! 😏 So I went to check it and it’s hard to say anything bad but after thinking for about 24 hours I think I found one! The corridors to the toilets are creepy! 😌 BOOOM!

The food was so beautiful and filling. Apparently the two bros who set up the firsts searched and tasted for the finest and best steak in the world and found it in Yorkshire! I applaud that story if it’s true cause that rump was so don! And the peppercorn sauce was so well homemade!

We thought the fresh crab in the salad was a hell of a welcome flavour like we ain’t salad fans but mum would have been proud of us finishing that stuff! 😅  The Potted beef & bacon with Yorkshires won it for us!! Dish to recommend any day! That was so good the Yorkshires were massive the potted beef and bacon was easily spread and the onion chutney… The onion chutney could go with all the dishes we got being that good 😍😍😍

It was my first time trying a tartare! That shits is blue fillet steak and I must say I probably ate most of it 😅 Sour Doug Bread, chives cream cheese and salmon is a new thing I am gonna be enjoying even after leaving the restaurant a home 😌

Staff were lovely and extremely knowledgeable. We mean extremely! It was as if it was the chef out with us!

Hawksmoor will receive  ✌✌✌✌ just beating Tariff and Dale but not a complete ! Why it was cheaper and dam gorgeous! £15 for rump and chips sign me up. We paid less than £30 each for everything we tried!! That’s why 😅😅✌🏾️

Check the menu: Hawksmoor


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