Rust & Stone

Rust & Stone is a little shack that chills in Spiningfields. I went down during lunch and was treated to some delicious selection of salads. Rust & Stone let me be honest, me and salads don’t mix ask my mum. Although she would have been proud of what I ate. 😌

It was my first time there so I sounded like a right twat when she was telling me how to it all worked. So here’s the low down: You choose small or large.. ermm I took theΒ largeΒ cause I was hungry af, then you can either have a large box with just one of the fresh salads OR a mixture. I ain’t one to miss out on a good mix for the same price. I was there to taste the food why wouldn’t I mix all?! 😌

OMFG it was dope but after munching on half of it, my meat eating based body was like ‘that’s all the veg you can eat brah.’ πŸ˜‚ I regret nothing I tried it and enjoyed it; I have also made my Mum proud ✌🏾️. Here’s the thing, I know I’ve made it sound like an only veg spot but Rust & Stone also do meat and I didn’t go for my safe zone. ✌🏾️

I would recommend this spot for Dieting peps vegans and Vegetarians. It’s cheap, it’s delicious and the staff look are chilled ✌🏾️

✌✌✌ Fooditude salute.


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