If you haven’t heard of the cafe; where the food and drink are free, UNLIMITED COFFE AND CAKES all free BUT all you pay for is your time… Then you have now but I must ask where were you this summer!?

Back to it, so this place is in the Northern Quarter on Edge Street, you know that street with Home sweet home and Yard and Coop. Ziferblat I would describe it as going to grandmas house but in a cool way, you know how relaxed you are when you’re there and you know how you are able to eat so much cake and custard creams more than you thought you could and not even feel one ounce of guilt. That my friend is the Ziferblat feeling, but of course no nana’s house is ever complete without boardgames.

There is so much stuff to do like even ping pong and if you wanna show off your piano skills then MATE go for it! I did love this place it did remind me of being back home but with my good mates not having a care just relaxing  drinking tea noshing of some toast I made to my own great standard, while they tucked into cereal and tings. I defo showed how bad I am at board games



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