Sugar Junction

Now I had seen these guys all over my Insta Feed. Follow check them out do whatever, it’s a strong page 😏Sugar Junction ✌🏾️.. They are pretty impressive. They are a cafe that sell some don ass food & cakes 🍰. They make it hard for me to really choose what they are under according to the conventional groupings: Restaurant, Cafe or Bar. I do think they are more of a cafe that decided to be a restaurant, and there are many of these in Manchester and they all serve killa brunches!

Oh brunch ☺️, thats why I went there. Bearing in mind I am a student and get the occasional day off… THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I WILL GET UP BEFORE NOON. Which means I miss a lot of the great breakfasts around… even Maccies😒. So brunch is my thing! And just look at the pictures like it was dripping it is ozzing and so satisfying.

This place is one of those places in Manchester where you could sit down and natter and seriously lose track of time! Probably because you get tea in a tea pot and you are just like “I’m gonna take my time finishing you.😂” Don’t go in thinking this cup will be standard bullshit like the big high street, Nah these mugs are massive and impressive.

Check the pictures out, But I would definitely say check it out if you have time to kill and you’re hungry. ✌️

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  1. Fooditude21 says:

    Reblogged this on Fooditude 21 and commented:

    1 year ago!! Still on of my fav spots in Manc! Can’t wait to get back and check out the new menu!!


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