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I have been to Gorilla before and made a great little montage when I visited but that was during the summer this time it was during my heavy procrastination session on coursework deadline day😓. So I convinced a couple of procrastinators to join me for some food procrastination.😏

It was around 2 or 2:30 when I got there, I had missed breakfast so brunch was going to have to be a starter;  it was ALSO lunch time so obvs a burger has gotta go down.🙌

It’s January so that”new year new me” bullshh played a big part in my choice of bevy, I won’t lie dry jan hasn’t had a chance with me, I applaud people that have maintained the mental strength to 👏👏.  However, for me there is always a reason to celebrate and drink, “i did 300 words in 4 hours lets have a drink… just one and we will start again “.😈😂

So that day I went with the wise option of NO Alcohol today😌. Anyway check them drinks out! Have shakes ever looked so fine! Behold. FRECKING BE HOLD😮😮.  The orange beauty is my two favourite fruits Mango and Orange (£3.5) The beaut in white is a blended oreo goddess (£4) And the red Queen is a Morello cherry and Apple blend of perfection… (i think i couldn’t taste it)

Gorilla smoothies

Food lets talk about the food😅. Standard brunch choice as it seems to just be my favourite thing at the moment, Egg Royale!! AGGHH FRESSHH SALMON, ALL KINDS OF EGGY DRIBBLE AND A GREAT TOASTED MUFFIN. #DRIBBLEeee.😍😍

Burger was well worth it. Seriously after my ‘brunching starter’ I had started considering what to write in my 3000 work coursework on innovation those eggs and salmon combo had turned on a lightbulb🤓. Then the burger arrived and I saw this. How could any one looking at that burger on a half full tummy keep their thoughts on hotels and restaurants design value innovation.🙄🤔 My distracted mind was really enjoying that blue cheese and egg sweetness. OH GOD The Truffle Fries. JUST TRUFFLE FRIES.

Procrastination is bad. But it has helped me come up with some great ideas. I can’t stress how good this location is to eat and drink. And its in the student zone during the odd timetable breaks. You know those 3 hour breaks you get randomly on like Wednesday or Thursday!

I forgot to mention other than food they are a bar or in their words they are a Gin Parlour. I don’t think I have to elaborate that. Now me and gin have a mutual respect I will drink not to get drunk but to enjoy or else he will punish me like fuck in the morning. As i mentioned earlier I had gone down for some lunch and the Aviation i got there was sublime. Just so beautifully balanced… Ying Yang kinda greatness. (I might be watching kung fu panda while I right this… if you haven’t noticed)


Insta Montage time!!



Check out their menu. Food Or Drink 
M1 5WW

TELEPHONE: 0161 407 0301





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  1. Oh my gosh those pics gave actually made my mouth water! Haha x

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    1. fooditude says:

      Yay!! Thank you x

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