Chinese New year!

Not everyone has celebrated 2016 yet! If you haven’t noticed as you walk around Manchester town centre it is fasting approaching Chinese New Year. I have a couple of Chinese/Hong Kong squad members in Fooditude who are going to help celebrate the new year and enlighten me on the Chinese cuisine.

First things First: the date. 8th Feb .

There you go. PUT IT IN YOUR DIARIES  I will be fair I don’t know much about Chinese cuisine this is even worse that theres a whole town with independent fooderies in Manchester (Fooderies is deffo not a word but hey I ain’t being marked on this…) and not many of us have actually experienced the different and authentic experiences in chinese china town restaurants, I know a lot of my mates haven’t.

Perhaps it is because we can order the food straight to our door. But why not be experience a culture I haven’t really check and that a 3rd of the world experience when they go out.

This will heavily feature on my Snapchat Story so to be able to keep updated with whats happening and hear my terribly shit voice. ADD MOI: Mosternthe3rd 

SIDE NOOTEEE check this account out if you wanna join in the celebration!  β€’ Chinese New Year MCRβ€’ 

See yo there.


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