I have been in Manchester for just over a year now… woo second year student!! When I arrived I was not so much of a food enthusiast, within like 3 weeks of being here I had been told about this cool, trendy take on fine dinning / finer dinning . All ways described by first its locations, Under the Armani store. Which led me to have my extremely dumb thoughts, i genuinely couldn’t understand how you get in cause i had been in the store and there was to stairway. I know your thinking obvs you’d look at the random triangle and check it out?!… yeah, no thought it was like a perturbing window…

Anywho It was amazing a well worthy treat to myself. It hit all the descriptions it’s cool and trendy, like I sat there with the faint thought of just wow, I could get used to this. I would be looking around and everyone looks dapper as hell on a Wednesday and the service was just epic, like not in your face just relaxed as hell. Like I knew he was there if I needed another drink but he wasn’t there if you know what I mean. Now I am one to chat about experience and tings but this place is all about the food.

FOOD ITS FOOD IS SUBLIME! Presentation creativity and taste all nailed!! I go out to enjoy what I’m eating and I always order a variety to taste just to check what they’ve got to offer. OH MY THEY DIDNT DISAPPOINT… IT WAS LIKE COTTONOPOLIS ALL OVER AGAIN. My tongue demanding shit. DEMANDING.

Let me tell you what went down. But I’ll use their menu names. Starters we had: Seared pigeon and mustard fruits DANK; Sashimi Scallops <– FRESH AF; Foie gras brûlée with lavas bread and roasted pistachioMorally wrong but god daym they are some artists in the kitchen. BUT the dish that truly surprised me was the Sweet potato and teriyaki dressing from the Robato grill. I can not explain how tasty it was, the element of surprised probably heighten the actual taste of the dish, they were the simple dish  the underdog that TURNED UP FUCKED SO TASTE BUDS OUT and walked away with explosions behind it.


The mains I don’t have to explain what I felt cause I will just start dribbling again. Soooo we noshed on Roasted duck breast with shiitake mushroom croquettes and mango I saw mango and was like “SOLD, lets see what you can do with the great fruit.” They killed it, I’ve had dreams wet dreams but more of a mouth flow… (hahaha that was disgusting even for me, but hey ho The other main was Rack of lamb with polenta and Japanese aubergine. Seasoned, flavoured to absolute perfection and still kept moist. Dave the guy i checked it out was making so odd noises that keep me awake as he ate the lamb but he defines them as “Dis is good food sound brahh”

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Recommended serious fooditude recommendation you’ll fall in love with this place. I can see my self going back.  Its one of those celebration zones or group checkout spots. The environment is set for socialising and the food is just to shut you up for a couple of mins while you make some weird ‘dis is good food sounds’.

Try it out you won’t regret shit. I’m Out. More pictures below.



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