Hot Pot @ Szechuan Kitchen

As I am embracing the Chinese new year and all that, my hong kong bradda decided that first thing i gotta experience is Hot Pot. We went to the really chilled restaurant in China town, Szechuan Kitchen on Faulkner Street.

This shizz is massively different. Usually restaurants cook your food and drop it on you and you tuck in and chat, if its that good you shut up and make good food moans or sexual ones…( but hey who will to know, youย just do you boobo… we will only judge in silence)ย Now some absolute beautiful mind was like-

” FUCK THAT. I will give the peeps a pot on a portable stove, in that pot will be a dope ass broth that they will put their selection of meat and veg into. This meat will be sliced so fine it takes like 5 mins to make. While I prepare this absolutely lit broth they go and prepare their sauce from a selection of sauces and spices and all kinds of really well put together flavours.

AND even better if they want different broths they can frecking pick like I can even put a boundary in the pot and they can split the pot. Hot broth or for the lesser strong broth”

Thats genuinely how I think it went down in his or her head at like 2 am when they couldn’t sleep. Who ever had this idea was a beauty cause I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I won’t even say my experience was standard this was pure authentic cause i didn’t even know what had been ordered cause I gave all the power in Justin (My hong Kong bro, probably should have told you his name earlier in the intro… my bad.)

Justin ticked shit on a sheet he said it was meats we wanted it was mostly Meats like beef and what seemed like bacon and some veg (Not sure if my mum told him to order veg but I still ate so if she won I will never know)ย we would talk and nosh, i have spoken a lot about social dining recently like Cottonopolis and Australasia but this is different take. You really do talk while it is being made and then eat, you add more meat when you want

AN EVEN BETTER THING ABOUT IT?! HOW CHEAP IT IS!! Less than ยฃ30 and that included bottomless soft drink and refills on meat! Like I would say if you can get over 2 sittings on this then serious bow of respect. Now the pictures don’t do much justice for what I experienced Add me on snapchat where you pretty much lived it with me except the mouth love I received. SC: Mosternthe3rd


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