I have a vsco account were I was blogging and posting pictures of my life for a year. Well sort of a year I did till like may got really busy over summer and then restarted in November and about to upload December and January 16. ALSO I started a food blogging site late last year which is doing well, I think its growth has stunted due to a lot of things. Check it out Fooditude21

Any who this year feels like it will be more interesting and I feel I have a lot to document so I thought why not with people who will be interested with it, deffo not on Facebook cause my statues will be too long…no one like extremely long statuses. Some will be boring I guess from time to time but it will be thoughts on my day to my views and thoughts on some social subjects. I will get deep on some points. Fashion may be involved and even a little delve into music but food will be heavily involved. Pictures will go up randomly cause its me… I TAKE A LOT OF PICTURES ON MY PHONE.

Btw I meant to say Hi I am Mostern at the Beginning. SO HI.


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