Well what a trip! It was mint as fuck and obviously I was in the palace of gourmet food and fabulous food. As it was mostly a touristing food wasn’t a focus until hungry. Anyway, Paris is full of little creep setups around their monuments and tourist attractions.
So Day 1 we found a restaurant called L’amour Vache, this was after walking past a shed loads on the boulevard because they either didn’t have enough tables for 12 or they didn’t have escargot on their menu or worse it was a very english menu.
BEST SERVICE WE HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. I don’t know why maybe cause the waiter kicked some who was just sipping coffee of the table to make room for us or because he didn’t use a notepad for 12 drinks or just the fact he was impressive at keeping an eye on us and yet switching languages with other tables in his section.

The other pictures are just food so we have a cute little visit to the LARGEST market in Europe: Marché international de Rungis. facts i learnt they are around 900 acres long. With so much too sell. I got the opportunity to taste the cheese, good shit.

Anyway just scroll below at what moi and mes amis ate.  <- you’d think I’m French haha



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