Yeah thats awesome: 5/4/16

I’ve been distracted by the internet while I’m in Uni by the internet. I am a big Kanye fan, musically love the guy, on twitter he can fight his own battle. But  in the media I may back him 😂

Anyway his new album is pretty dope and I have listened to it so many times but there was a Japanese Artist who I stumbled on during my hours of procrastination. The album is called  印象III : なんとなく、パブロ translating for you who can’t read Japanese 😌 as Imagining “life of Pablo”. A little bit of background to this extremely odd piece is that there was not Tidal in Japan during the time Kanye decided to exclusively stream The Life of Pablo on the Tidal. So the Japanese producer: Toyomu imagined what the album would sound like from just samples that were out there in the online world but hadn’t listened to the album.

I gotta say some of the songs did make me go shit I can see where he came from, like he isn’t far off from that. But the Last song of his album is so good hence why I found the need to share it as it’s a different take on fade.

I aint gonna say I’m a deep guy on music but this just made me feel good and just so awesome to hear someones blind take on an album he has never fully heard. A whole album. I applaud you sir



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