New chapters


Hi Mostern here, you know the black guy that’s been digging food so much. I am now in America as you read this. Big change in my life that I will be keeping documented on my personal Instagram and blog, Check it out if you want.
Anyway enough self promo, as I am in the states fooditude will also now be showcasing the weird and wonderful in the south state of FL O RIDA :’) But as you know fooditude has more than one to the grid. Jack is still in manchester and he will be looking after that side of the pond.

 We got this

Heres the best thing IT’S SUMMER🌞 so remember back in the beginning (close to a year ago) when I was good cause I had time to focus on fooditude and get to check out the good spots in places. We going to be back at it.
If you would like to be checked out and showcased on our page: food, drink, Food and drink events,  just drop us an email or slide into our DM’s on twitter or Instagram.
Facebook Twitter and Insta: Fooditude21

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