Grad Deal

Hey guys back again in true Dj Khalid Fashion I got another deal for y’all! But this is a double WAMMA<– I don’t even know what it is but it will catch on! Anywhale TWO DEAL for you guys count yourselves lucky!

So first off Tusk bar! OH YEAH IM KICKING OFF IMG_9265WITH AFRICAN FLAIR, extremely gutted I left before these guys showed up, but I’m gonna get Jack to visit you know try and get a non biased view on them 😂. Now the deal is you get a free Prosecco to celebrate when you book and a bottle of the bubble stuff when you book for 6 or more. The actual pic shows all check it! Check out the menu and see how good that menu looks.

Second Deal is similar to the above! Dive bar one of my favourite
sport bar, “Slap bang in the Northern Quarter” From when they opened I will own up they have upped their game! Their menu additions are so good, new dessert menu is awesome AF!  The new Beer Can chicken is just a beautiful leap to a great night out 😈 We all have heard of a coca cola chicken but these guys ain’t about that PG food game, beer is a better sub  than cola or even Raheem Sterling any day. yeah I’m still bitter about England in the euros ,you get over it . So about this deal. You get 25% off your food BUT if you book for 4 you get a bottle of bubbly. So get a bunch of people only 3 to join you get the squad tbh if the squads busy or you got no mates and want to celebrate your achievement just get a bunch of ransomers who would like a discount on great food and keep the bottle for yourself.
Follow me on Instagram for other ways to enjoy the Summer in Manchester, Florida & Hong Kong. The culture that surrounds the food in all the 3 different locations. Showing you summer from the east to the west.  @Fooditude21 



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