First check in

July has been dope, only a month and a half in as I write this. This my first honest check in. First lets start with the hurdles cause  they have been struggles such as sleeping for instance, my body has struggled adjusting to the -5 hours from that of the UK. Going to bed during the day and being awake as fuck at 5am here and then going to work and being nearly dead by 12pm is painful! 😞

Another struggle has been managing my finances, as we know  I do like to spend on food and drinks but I’ve had to be very tight on myself and even at some points during these few weeks I’ve been down to my last 5 bucks reasons have been the money I have been depending on hasn’t dropped when I have expected it, also I stupidly didn’t close all direct debits when I left. And an even more stupid move I was using my English card for over a month and got ☠️ by charges.

And being here on your own is daunting af, everyone you love and have spent time with are 40,000 miles away and can only be heard and seen on pixellated video chats and snapchat stories of nights out you would have been in or just chill session you could have been involved in. I have been missing the stupidest stuff, like my morning mocha by whoever was on service bar that morning, working the mad Saturday evenings with the Alchemist crew even the unnecessary black banta I had with y’all. Miss the squad nights, songs throw reminders of you guys. BUT LIKE I MISS TEA AND DIGESTIVES like the chocolate and caramel digestive biscuits! Like I have real proper craving them and Yorkshire tea cuppa chill down after work.

Anyone who has been abroad alone or started a  could tell you all of  those struggles mentioned but they all say the first few weeks are the hardest cause you’re having to wait for everything to settle, get into a routine going as you start to learn of what to expect and what you have to work with. But during this period unsettled excitement I have reflected on  stuff like the people back home, like fallen in love with some and had to totally discard friendships, trust has been tested man. But its mad how blessed or lucky I am to be here and how my mad life has lead for me to here like they have been set backs that I thought were major in the past for example like not acing my A’levels. which caused me to cry at home cause it meant I stay in Stafford an extra year instead of going to uni were in fact a way of guardian angel just getting me of age to enjoy the cold alcoholic drinks in the lush weather by the pool here…

And how working for three previously has become so convenient out here! So I still have my English number mostly because I love it and not want to lose it! But you’d thing that’s another reason I was having financial problems right? Wrong! I have used 20GB no charge at all! Literally been using it for everything calls on Facebook free, calls to my family cause I put them all on three Free. 😉 Snapchat weather show off sessions no charge, 🙃 POKÉMON GO out and about finding nothing but Pideys 😒but still no charge! 🙌🏾  3store Stafford& Cannock you’re welcome genuine recommendation 😉😂

Now we got a positive spin on all the sad shizz that’s gone down, I do love this place already, it still hasn’t fully set in that I am here for a whole year 😝 and I think that’s why my body is struggling with syncing up with the clock. Surrounded and live with some odd but incredible people here who love to drink so I know I’m in good company. The people I work with are dope, here’s the thing if you check out my diary you’ll see the weird stuff I see and the great people I meet and the great moments. why do I love where I work? Its mostly because on induction day we were told we ain’t to take our selves too seriously, mama I’ll be fine and I will fit in just fine. Look at dem, I’m in there btw 😏


I can’t seem to type how I feel about this place as it’s 3am so I created a little gallery of my favourite pictures so far. See more on my VSCO  cause thats some daily shit like even better that my Insta, got a diary thing going on there and my Snapchats is basically there to make you jelly. || July 📓is live right now, want to utilise this platform more so gonna do August in weekly segments on VSCO then link it here by publishing my favourite pics on here.

Check out my July 📓:

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