Kobe || Japanese Steakhouse 🔥

I ain’t no stranger to the artisic style of  teppanyaki 🔥, having already tried an absolute beauty in Manchester I was up to check out what was on over here in THE US OF A.  As most stuff here in the USA well mostly in Orlando there is a dominance on brands.

A video posted by Fooditude 21 (@fooditude21) on Sep 16, 2016 at 11:12am PDT


May I say my food adviser Mari had told me about this place, Kobe. Kobe are absolute pros at this stuff! You can understand why they’ve won awards around Orlando! A hella family friendly place but also one place for the lads & lass (line the stomach before the night out) Our chef for the night , I think was Nohra this dude was incredible! Dude was keeping the whole table entertained 🔥there were kids there, me and Mari  in our  early 20’s and another group in their early 30’s I think! 👌🏾  I aint gonna lie he was amazing you can notice the difference between the service from Manchester to Orlando EVERYTHING IS A SHOW. Dude made a volcano with onions and his hand work was too impressive! Would show ya but you know iPhone batteries 😒  But then again you can check it out yourself!


SO MUCH FOOD ON OFFER and the drinks are decent tbh, didn’t try the alcohol blessed drinks, but for those who are not drinking the blessed poison I’d recommending checking the list. The Non blessed strawberry daiquiri was actually decent and a good size.





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