Teppanyaki || China town MCR

Lets start this with a little food lesson and background of this post:

 Teppanyaki (鉄板焼き teppan’yaki?) translates literally to “grilling on an iron plate.”  In traditional Japanese cuisine, Teppanyaki style cooking is used for meats such as steak and seafood, as well as dough-based foods like yakisoba (fried noodles) and rice.

Teppanyaki is most often confused with Hibachi grilling.  Hibachi, however, utilizes an open-grate grill, whereas teppanyaki uses a flat, solid, griddle-style cooking surface.  This makes Teppanyaki suitable for cooking smaller and more finely chopped ingredients, including rice, bean sprouts, onions, carrots and mushrooms.

Thank you Ron of Japan– Not quiet Harvard referencingimg_0361 but it will do.  Anyway this has been is one great Japanese and
tasted. An experience that’s there for you to experience in the good old Mancvile. Hidden away in the depth of China town there is a restaurant offering the cuisine at a great price, and cleverly named Teppanyaki 🌚

They are so good and artistic with it, they show cool chefs are. Like the skill and the plating of the first two dishes! ALL kinds of fish and colours, and the balance in flavours is do good. Then the gill is on and he shows his flair, all kind of fire bending skills! if you get excited easily like me it’s so worth it and vital tip DONT USE ALOT OF HAIRS

PRAY! 🔥🔥🔥
IMG_1836I keep mentioning the chef he was just too awesome, its one of the most interactive meals I’ve ever been involved in, he lets you go behind the grill and show some skills with a couple of little games.
Price wise we went as a group all wanting to try whatever we could, sooo we chose the 1 Land & Sea specials and extra salmon and a selection of appetizers. I aint gonna lie the ordering was done by the beautiful Italian man but we ended up paying 24 quid each, which in all honesty was incrediiible.  Anyway looking at the menu fresh now it is well worth that price, some would say cheap considering the experience and the mouth dribble.

Im writing this months after the experience and it still plays so vividly in my mind and the food is something i’d love to experience again if their menu has updated. GIVE ME A SHOUT but for now feed them eyes!

MENU ||  Reservations 

feed them eyes


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