The wilderness

Let me give you some background about how these boys came into my fooditude eye. Now a very close hun of mine,  Lil Miss Clara appeared my phone screen with her laughs. We started talking about our usual weekly bullshiii, however this time it was different cause she was chatting about how she is taking her girls to a restaurant she was EXTREMELY excited about.

I had never heard of this restaurant and I’m going to be honest,  I need to now keep an eye on the midlands food and drink scene cause that shiii is producing some extremely dope new establishments that I think are able to compete against London and Manchester growing f&B scene. Each adding a different twist on the dining experience.

So in her words during this tipsy or drunk phone call… there is a very very fine line between her being drunk or tipsy with this beauty… OMG Mostern they look so cool! Like they do a taster menu and like you know your idea restaurant of bringing the outside in the restaurant (actually an idea i had got me a first, and now everyone is doiwilderness-31-of-42ng it ☕️🐸) they do that like its all great HOWEVER MOSTERN even their dishes like have that kinda shiiii too. ONE OF THEIR DISHES EVEN HAS ANTS. 

Now once she started telling me this  I was like I’m gonna have a look on what everyone on the tinternet is saying and they ain’t got the presence they should for Clara to be this hyped! SO much to tweet me this

Their website tells you their story but even then they don’t showcase them selves well cause from the several snapchats that I received from the little beaut they should be known, such a great menu that I want to try and well priced considering for the experience that she got. Yo she and her girls are still taking about it a week later in the weekly facetimes.

So let me get foodie. The menu consists of 6 dishes and a beautiful shot which is £60 but if you want the full story its only £100. For a taster menu thats incredibly priced, I wouldn’t say it’s a kind of menu for just a small dinner.  I would say it’s a menu for celebration moments cause it looked so good! Your girls bday OR  your boys bday we like to be treated too or if you just ducking love food and you just wanna treat yourself, THE TREAT YOUR TONGUE

The 7 dishes she had were beautifully named: Hedrow Gimlet, Ladies that shoot their lunch, Slings and Garden herbs, White flowers stone fruit fresh, Black cow, Better than bournvile and Ysabel Regina shot. All kinds of meat monkfish even use Chicken skin and an innovative way! These guys are blessed

 Anyway check them out on their website||

Clara’s Snapchat Pictures are below or Feast on them out on Vsco: TheWilderness Journal



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