Il Mulino: New York Tarttoria

If you didn’t know or see or hear it, it was my bday week. 5 day drinking marathon which I will say from personal experience isn’t healthy but will give tips if you ever do it and venture into the un-responsible drinking territory;  Drink water during the morning before the hangover and keep your stomach lined at all points it helps the hangover most importantly and prevents dehydration.

Anyway lets talk about the food that lined my stomach! This is a signature restaurant situated at The WDW Swan and Dolphin resort, authentic and traditional dishes from the Italian Abruzzi region 🇮🇹🇮🇹 The service is so fine and beautiful, Italian class flows from when you walk in to your Limoncello shot as you finish your dinning experience. I’m a cast member at the resort and I was hearing so much buzz about the place and I was like yo bday treat 😆🎉DAYYM I WAS TREATED.

So got some Italian hams and some aubergine salsa upon arrival and some fresh breads to compliment. My slightly drunk ass forgot to take pictures before tucking the hell in, let me tell you how that tasted I was turned down seconds of the aubergine mess and i don’t like aubergines man.

Then ordered for the table some calamari appetisers, I was expecting you know a starter portion of calamari it was a mountain of gloriously crispy calamari blessed with soo much mariana sauce and some garlic bread which of course in true Italian style had been made fresh on some kind of beautifully god blessed kind of crunchy and light bread.

Entrees or mains were following the large theme, I went for the Gnocchi Bolognese this was a such a huge portion which i couldn’t complete and I would applaud anyone who completes it! Like I think it is the dish that saved my kidney for the night that followed, the potato dumplings soaked a lot of the alcohol. THE SAUCE THOUGHHHH BRUHH 😱😱.  I WOULD BUY THAT IF THEY PUT IT IN A JAR AT WALGREENS OR IF UNCLE BEN’S DID SOME KIND OF DEAL WITH THEM.

They also have pizza. They aint putting no Italian name or tradition to shame with that either! That sentence should be their slogan to be honest after my experience. The pizza dough light crunch in the right spots and the sauce you already know how I feel about that stuff. I was looking at everyone’s pizza, I feel it was one of those you’re jelly of someone else plate but you don’t want to lose what you got either

THEIR BAR DOES OLD FASHIONS 🙌That’s all you need to know about the bar it has a great range. Check those food nudes out

I’m going back cause I saw the Fish dishes and envied the hell out of those, I looked at that salmon dish the same way I look oozing egg yolk on a benedict/ Royale #EGG PORN 🍳and the same way I look and Jennifer Lawrence in any scene. 😍

On that note check the pics out and check the place out

Il Mulino food nudes || The food book || Get a seat


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