Sugar Junction

1 year ago!! Still on of my fav spots in Manc! Can’t wait to get back and check out the new menu!!

Fooditude 21

Now I had seen these guys all over my Insta Feed. Follow check them out do whatever, it’s a strong page 😏Sugar Junction ✌🏾️.. They are pretty impressive. They are a cafe that sell some don ass food & cakes 🍰. They make it hard for me to really choose what they are under according to the conventional groupings: Restaurant, Cafe or Bar. I do think they are more of a cafe that decided to be a restaurant, and there are many of these in Manchester and they all serve killa brunches!

Oh brunch ☺️, thats why I went there. Bearing in mind I am a student and get the occasional day off… THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I WILL GET UP BEFORE NOON. Which means I miss a lot of the great breakfasts around… even Maccies😒. So brunch is my thing! And just look at the pictures like…

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