Yellow Dog Eats

Spontaneous trip on my day off to Yellow dog eats. Beautiful place gutted I didn’t get a T-shirt but that’s my next goal! Buzzing little cute place non touristy during the day, great escape from the world of parks and the mouse. Reminded me of a place that could be in Manchesters Northern Quarter

So I met a cool dude down here Florida born aka a Floridian and he has written up 5 places for me to visit. This was the first one I’m excited for all of them tbh because this one was so good! I was surrounded by the locals there and some tourists later on in the evening. I spent a good 4 + hours there chatting to my birthday buddy and just loving being there.

There is happy hour, we caught that lucky by like 20 minutes from its end! 👊🏾 Monday to friyay 2pm to 6pm💫 the more you know 💫

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The beef cake AKA Beauty & Chaos

Food shown was The special of the Day: Beef cake || soft AF Brisket with their special golden BBQ sauce, soft fried onions and then some caramelized onions on that too, throw on some scallions topped with macNcheese and an under lining of crispayy pecan-smoked bacon on a great bun. ($10.95) I didn’t know how to eat this bitshhhh like do I use you know my cutlery and be that guy or be that other guy who gets stuck in. As the pic shows I was that messy guy 😈 LOVED IT! The BBQ sauce is sensational 😲 I’d love to call it the Beefloved chaos or just Beauty & chaos || just to remind anyone else that it was names by a British Marriott intern that worked on Disney property. I’d love to name a dish😆😆

The Holy Crap || Apparently named by a beloved friend and customer, this weekly special quickly became a fan fave! Featuring their honey mesquite roasted turkey piled high and pressed to perfection with avocado, pecan-smoked bacon, goat cheese, red onions and basil mayo served on our thickly sliced multi-grain bread ($10.95) Meg was the nosher of this meal and from her groans and love for the avocado I’d happily say she loved it, even perhaps going as far as saying it’s her favourite spot in Orlando as it stands 😌

Would I recommend…Yass I would. Would I too say it’s my favourite spot in Orlando, if I get to rename the beef cake certainly but as it stands it is! I do have a few more places to check out 😝

Vsco pic essay . Interwebb . What they showing 

1236 Hempel Ave, Windermere, FL 34786


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