6 down 6 to go

6 months. Wow man!! Half way man, to think that I will back in Manchester in the next 13 pay checks 😶 But Mostern you ain’t done anything yet, you said you’d be checking places, showcasing Americas food and all that!?

I ain’t gonna lie I have been asking myself the same questions and it’s only been after my bday that everything has been falling in it’s place, America has taught me how to juggle with money man but to also be patient and keep your head down because hard work reaps its rewards.

But 6 months is a long time to be quiet?  So after all the crazy bills from the uk, the stupid argument with unpaid dues from so called “friends” forcing you crazy trouble. It’s a tough pill to swallow when you see a person you consider a mate reject your calls and lie to you about paying you back but their snapchats and night life is looking lit from the money you sent them to help them out.

6 months quiet I’d consider them to be me growing up. Focused on friendships I believe are worthwhile. It’s crazy who to get close to when you’re away from home and who you cut out or seem not to care for.

In those 6 months, I have got closer to envisioning what my dream actually is, my passion for cooking and that I’m actually decent than I thought. My petty ass has move on from dumb friendships I have been able to plan the most incredible next four months of my life to date!

To kick 2017 off  January:  7 States in 7 night northIf winter ain’t coming soon I’ll go to it!

Late February: Chicago weekend feelwallet a little weak AF but Chicago

Mid March: 4 night Brahmas cruise: I’m on a boat

April: Coachella weekend if I get tickets *all parts of body crossed*


June: ROAD TRIP 17 States 14nightsWest is where we set our American venture 🌄 This is still in planning so not fully sure what’s going down but my aim to see and drink in at least half of America is likely to happen 😆😆

Looking at this and writing this down has never made me so happy to realise that the nights in learning intricacies of my job  have been worthwhile. But also happy that I picked the right place out of the offers. I don’t think the other places would have offered this kind of support I have experienced. Have I doubted or questioned my decision? I have questioned why I picked The swan and Dolphin over 2 great spots in Canada and one hotel down the road but never regretted it.

As I am writing this like its 01:15am on the 17th of December, I have just got the sad news that Dave won’t be joining me on the ‘7 States in 7 night northIf winter ain’t coming soon I’ll go to it!’  Just because he won’t be able to get the time off after requesting the time off weeks ahead. I am gutted but also I have and inner smile because of the support I have from the team I have around me.

I whole heartedly think that I work for the best hospitality company out there period. I have seen the opportunities they giveProcessed with VSCO with s3 preset to young people. So many programs to help you develop, either in your establishment or in another to diversify your growth. Man it’s the only reason I’d accept the green card.

The people I work with are simple  incredible who as much as we struggle from time to time with guests and the heavy check in days so far the biggest check in day is 1300, they all have a happy lil buzz around the office.

Putting all the true cheesy orientation career chatter behind; Marriott Starwood offer sooooo many benefits to being an employee it’s mad! You are basically told to explore the world with their incredible catalog of hotels (with a mate to make it even cheaper 😉)

Logic says If you work for the largest hotel company their perks gotta be big right 🤔 7 States in 7 nights is costing now me $500 and that’s me visiting 3 big cities DC.NYC.BST, booking my flights within the 4weeks and 3 days of departure. And the cars as I write this ain’t even booked. This trip is filled with Marriott rewards and SPG benefits, like in every cranny!

Other than work and travel I’m good still as crazy as always, I have been missing a lot from home the family the most fun fact my mum always sends a Daily bible text everyday by 2 am, as much as my mum just does it because it’s her thing it’s oddly comforting to wake up or go to sleep to it.

This is madness I have only just got used to saying dollars instead of pounds. I only just started to understand the satisfaction of applying ranch sauce to EVERYTHING, become comfortable walking into the other side of an uber, I do catch myself saying LITERALLY too often, I have become a donut over muffin kinda guy  I thank Mr TT for bringing in Donut king goodness. However still look the wrong way when I’m crossing, still call it a pavement and not a sidewalk and haven’t called the bin a trash can yet. But i guess i have 6 more months for that shizz.



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