Pre Game: New York 

So Megan has just gone before me on a little spontaneous trip up to the empire state and has got me all excited firstly for the views and all. Look at that man!  2 weeks! which lead me to go on a crazy but exciting search for what I’m gonna be doing to keep the excitement going

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First things first ITS GONNA BE COLD AF UP THERE. I have become so used to the warm 35+ Celsius, lord knows how I’m going to cope when I get back to beautiful rainy manchester. True stuff, the temperature dropped to 19 Degrees Celsius and I was freezing had to run back in to get a jumper for work 😶 
On that note that’s one of the main reason we are checking out the north in the winter because winter has come… for the rest of the world not Florida.

First off the hotel: We will be staying at the The Brand new Aloft in Long Island City. As i write this it aint eve open but its exciting from what time reading and hearing. This is a view from the hotel, it really does have a manhattan view.

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Obviously New York is a big tourist destination so Moi and sir Lincoln are gonna do the tourist stuff like check out the monuments, the arts, the shopping venues and it’s historic venues we are there to check places out but of cours7f02d0f6-5dcf-4068-9ed8-97c585f5a6eae when with your friends the moments are better. Expect tourist poses or Dabs, we will tryto be creative in the cold.
However me being me and not being the most tourist of tourists, I got in contact with an Insta blogger Ben (@stuffbeneats) great guy and
he gave me the low down on what local hotspot attractions to hit for different kinds of dish

The picture shows all the 3 burger, Pizza & Ramen joints to hype about! Pizza is a hit list for sure seeing as October I’m heading to Chicago to settle this pizza debate! But also markets to visit they seem to be the hub of everything beautiful for the tongue.

So I went on to insta to see what a couple where like offering. Like just check these zones out!

Street food in china town man it looks good and sticky!! Roasted meat, on the street all for $5! Now its real fast food not some Maccie D’s shit where I won’t know the meat, From the views it seems like I will see the pork being pulled and put on my platter! Cant wait to hit it up! ROASTED MEAT GAME LOVING

PIZZAAAA IS LIT! Brooklyn boys, these dudes have a love for pizza and they are a bunch of local dudes who have created such a cool place to dine. Their Insta sold me on just on their art posted on their and just relax approach to the social media- Me trying to be like  pro bloggers and pro reviewers. NAH in all honest after @StuffBeneats suggested it i was full on sold on the bloody Mary cocktail that has a pizza with jalapenos ON IT. LIKE DUDE IT’S THE PIZZA VERSION OF A MAD MILKSHAKE! GET THAT SHIIII IN AND AROUND MY MOUTH AND LET ME BE BLESSED. If the place has as much personality as their page then I HYPED TO SLAM MY FACE IN DISHES.

Small little place it seems, with a great bunch of oozing New York swagger in it. Burgers look nasty and messy as fuck. There is something about an overflowing burger that just makes my eyes dribble. Some say that a burger is art! I don’t know who said it, maybe I just did for the sake of what I’m feeling  but if Trump didn’t need to prove his quotes I don’t have to either…ohh political. The got the art of burgers down but also Burritos, which I have recently become a massive fan of during my last six months her! I need to tell you about Gringos Locos in orlando, that shit made me doubt the point of kebab and chips after a night out. But yeah I’m looking to get them both in my gob.

Insider on Facebook have also hyped me up! like I’ve been sharing the zones that I’m wishing to hit on my Facebook Page.

BARS! lets not forget where the buzz will root from!

One of my boi’s from my class is up in the Empire state so we may…WILL be popping up to say hi and check what his serving and he may give us more ideas of zones to hit up.

Estela Bar : A place that oozes Urban class. You one of those restaurants that deal with simplicity to exemplify the best what we have to work with as a generation. It seems like the place like loves their food a lot and wine and all about the art and presentation of their food that the environment is to be rustic yet elegant; simplistic but also attractive to the eye. Urban classy if that makes any sense .

The also are now linked to the Flora Bar which excites me but looking at the prices for their new years deal, it must be worthwhile but daym. Lets hope they ain’t busy when we get there and we get to visit the Met museum.

And then As I’m about to wrap this piece up Madison throws an exciting spin ball! Secret and hidden restaurants. I’m to visit the Big graffiti door of 5th street! It was a panda last time she was there and when we search the holy grail of google maps it was a Face!
And then she went to mention a couple of Ben recommended restaurants! #greatminds

I’ll have what ever shot that is! Barcelona Bar below 

As you can see I’m pumped! Writing this has like helped me during this hard as hell few weeks of working the holiday period. 2 weeks Man.

Looking at all i could be doing gratful as hell that I used all advantages of SPG and Marriott rewards

With continued hype of the trip in the final week I will probably finalize my hit list and find all the video. 😂

Happy holidays!! 


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