The Pharmacy

There I was training a new starter at work, it was quiet and I’m in a chatty mood so start asking about her story. she  goes on to tell me that she’s a Floridian UCF student who comes from a place just out of Orlando.

Soo I’m like; other than chilling with the mouse tell me what are some cool things to do. I went on to tell her the how  massive of a foodie and drinker I am and how I’m in need of cool seshh.  I tell her I went to Yellow dog eats and how I’m a tourist that ain’t about the tourist destinations more the locals prime spots #Travelaslocals.

I’m here to experience what people here do, not what the city wants me to see. I want to get waist deep in the cities culture and I want to listen to locals. I have worked in hospitality for some time to realize there is a difference between service to tourists, to locals and to industry. Now its too much to ask for me to be treated like a member of industry straight out but i would happily settle for local SO MUCH MORE CHILL. I want to feel the personality of the place and the essence of the city not the certain high standard I am lead only to see.

Anyway Kelsie seemed to understand what I was on about, if you don’t understand what i mean then you should have been there. She tells me in her strong yet beaut accent about speakezzie bars! Im like what?! she like “speaeazie bars they are like secret bars.” Im like “what, mucho pardon?” I was nearly about to whip out siri to help a brother out. Im messing…. siri had no chance. She was saying

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Thats Kelsie she got me

What Kelsie was telling about was a Throwback to them prohibition days! Those days when you gotta keep things on the shhh side of life, when you got to speak easy about the place you getting lit at. Back in the day when the drinks were strong cause no alcohol strength law annnd lets be honest you didn’t know when the cops where gonna pull up on you mid martini so that first one best get give you the buzz quick.

Now in Orlando there are quiet a few speakeasy style bars.  VERY well hidden locations with names that wouldn’t make you question whether it’s a bar or restaurant. This location wasn’t easy to find in all honesty;  we drove past it twice and walked past several more times.

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Listening to the what was going down

The only reason we spotted it was when we stopped and looked at a randomly placed elevator door in the wall which released a lot of noise. The people in there didn’t obvs speak as easy as they should have, just saying if they where back in the days that place would have been shut down…



We had sadly already eaten as we thought the place was only a bar however the menu looked so good but our stomach weren’t up to the challenge. Saying all that mum raise me to never take Processed with VSCO with a6 presetmedication on an empty stomach sooo we got desserts. Which may i say was sensational. The menu included a selection of pizzas, large entree dishes that were served to others beside up and sharing dishes.




My final thoughts on this restaurant are that invest time in asking locals where to go cause I would recommend this spot to anyone. Its a different experience that I loved and enjoyed. The drinks were daym strong the only thing is that my search for an espresso martini goes on… this is a recent search tbh but still a search. There are many other Speakeasy bars that I’m looking to try over my next 6 months. My days are now numbered in the USA and the new year promises more for me and Fooditude.

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A video posted by Fooditude 21 (@fooditude21) on Dec 26, 2016 at 7:34pm PST



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