7 States in 7 night North: If winter ain’t coming soon I’ll go to it!

Florida doesn’t know the about the winter like people of the South of Westeros, and my body has adjusted already to the sun ☀️☀️, it went down to 15 degrees C and I was moaning. The thought of Manchester’s -2 ❄️ degrees celsius scares me 🙃

SO I and some beautiful lads from literally around the world ma Aussie boi (if you didn’t know) are going to journey north to start 2017 in a epic cold bit of gastronomic alcohol filled exploration through 7 states within the 7 nights. We have planned, visiting so many cities and villages staying overnight in 3 big cities Washington Dc, New York and Boston. Crash course for our bodies but mad opportunity for an experience

Am I excited for this? YESS it will be a cold road trip effectively, driving from Washington Dc to New York with stops in Philadelphia, cause that’s where some famous dude from our childhood was born raised and played bball all of his day, from Phili we are heading east to Atlantic city for a spot of money loss or gain arriving late in NYC. The final part of the trip is from New York to Boston, we will sadly losing two of our boys on this final leg✊🏾 But this last part is because of how many times people confuse my name with the place it’s self! Mostern in Boston is becoming a real thing 😎🤴🏾 BUT ALSO AS I LEARNT FROM THE MOST ODD YET BEAUTIFUL PHONE CALL IVE EVER HAD AT WORK, SALEM IS INCREDIBLE FOR IT FOOD.

12-14th || The Renaissance in Downtown DC.

That’s a beautiful 2 days in the city. I’m excited cause I will be visiting DC during the Obama families last week in the White House before the blond straw weave pres elect takes over🌚😂

So night 1 we drink and greet the city, I’m currently trying to get through to bloggers to get an idea of the local hotspots!! 😍🍻 I’m gonna do a separate post when I hear more.

The Morning of the 13th  we will be the tourists we are with squad  pics in the snow. And probably shopping for warm and gear we will need cause the Florida clothes really ain’t going to be good enough. 😓

14-17 || The Aloft Hotel Long Island city with Manhattan view

The 14th is an early start Brunch and road trip to NYC.. without considering the time we will spend at the planned stops it’s a 7hour drive 😆

FIRST STOP Phili for some Phili steak sandwiches and just a bit of tourist shit then Atlantic city because the boys know how to gamble, I ain’t great at that only ever won one bloody bet in my life. 50p bet won £3 quid! yeah I jumped like a mad man and blew that 3quid on another bet. 😫 So to say I’ll be cautious or sitting at the bar while I watch them do their thing is pretty accurate of what’s going to happen.

15th is what I’m too excited for man! NYC is like that place that you have to go. It’s busy it’s crazy but for me I’m pumped to see the odd cracks of the beautiful city. The great food spots the odd the crazy and local hip joints.

Obvs doing the basic tourist stuff cause I’m in America man, yes I will go to the Statue of Liberty grand central station and Empire State Building and I will probably play Empire State of mind in most snapchats 🔥🔥 (👻:mosternthe3rd)

I have actually got an extremely cool dude @stuffbeneats who gave me a great incite into the spots I should visit and try out. looking at them I’m Hyped after how long the list it is!

17-19 || Boston Copley Marriott.

This will be me and Lincoln most our educative part of our trip, we won’t be driving up we will be getting a train and then renting a car to visit the states cause some how thats cheaper and SPG helps a little. 😉✨

Plan is to With a lot of museums and large art galleries and DRINK.

Day trip to Salem for a venture to taste apparently according to one of my favourite callers The great gem of food in the north! ❣ I said I would and I will.

I’m a Starwood proud intern travelling brilliantly with a fooditude love.

Now we are two weeks in, most of whats above is now set in stone I can confirm this trip ✊🏾 I thought you should see all the changes! Ive been stressing myself to get this perfect but also getting myself excited by pregaming about the cities we are stopping at.

Check them out

Washington DC    New York     Boston 


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