1 Year AGO. Madness still remember it

Fooditude 21

I have been in Manchester for just over a year now… woo second year student!! When I arrived I was not so much of a food enthusiast, within like 3 weeks of being here I had been told about this cool, trendy take on fine dinning / finer dinning . All ways described by first its locations, Under the Armani store. Which led me to have my extremely dumb thoughts, i genuinely couldn’t understand how you get in cause i had been in the store and there was to stairway. I know your thinking obvs you’d look at the random triangle and check it out?!… yeah, no thought it was like a perturbing window…

Anywho It was amazing a well worthy treat to myself. It hit all the descriptions it’s cool and trendy, like I sat there with the faint thought of just wow, I could get used to…

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