Washington DC #Travelbrilliantly

#Travelbrilliantly is a  Marriott Hotels thing, I think it’s cool cause they took over Starwood Hotels, who I believe are the best at adding a whole different experience to travel. I was like I’m gonna embrace that in all travel post. Sooo first thing to chat about is the hotel choice as I look back on this trip and future trips

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Lets begin The Renaissances Downtown Washington DC was the most perfect call I have ever done if I do say so myself. Location is perfect within minutes of hot locations and cultural locations. Now me mostly not really Lincoln ain’t the most mature of young adults at my tender age of 22. And I’m sure people my age will know the feeling when you enter a bojuie hotel you feel judged like you’re not meant to be there, right? This place was like you are here welcome looked like someone who was my age created the concept of the lobby modern quirk but still slick as hell.

The desk agents around our age and even if they were not you couldn’t tell it cause the joy of life was flowing through them. I LOVED THE TALL LADY AT CONCIERGE, due to how many drinks I had I don’t remember your name honey but thank you for the bike advice and the help. The Marriott also have the most useful app I think every hotel should have cause I was requesting everything and had no stress.

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Washington DC as a city is a place known mostly for its history, mostly featured around the leaders of the country and members who lead it to where it is at now. This is notable as it is the capital, now before you are quick to judge how dumb that line is, the city is still booming with youth cultures and food and drinks essences, THERE IS A BAR EVERY 10 mins around you. Which I took advantage of… Speakeasy are there, trend-setters bars wallet watchers venues, beer lovers it’s all there.

Now if you wish to venture out to check the rest of the youthful city I’d recommend 14th Street NW that’s where the best bar crawl that I can’t fully remember happened. (Ps most of the stories to follow were from Lincolns Australian heavyweight drinking mind cause tbh after 11pm I HAVE NO recollection of much) We had one rule on this crawl, if it looks good go for it but we will not wait for the lights so, if we see a bar across the way and the light is on red then that’s tuff tities, fate has decided that we won’t be checking you out. Great rule that stayed with us on the 11 states Move. 

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So a couple of the bars are pricey if you are like me and Lincoln from Florida where a beer is $3.50, in DC you’re looking at a beer being around $5-$8.  Keep an eye out for Happy hours they save you and the closer you get to the university the more you find. Most Happy hours in DC are around 3pm – a beautiful 8 and some places that god has placed for your enjoyment are till 9. Trust me that extra hour is the big difference on how your night is gonna go as I found out.

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Bars out there are niche, each on having its on twist on something. As you walk up from the square you notice that one building could have two bars within the one door, usually the same owner just trying to give their guest different options  of entertainment. We were in a bar that had three I kid you not. As you walk by its an oyster bar warm lights pretty people suited and my looking casual AF but wearing my black long coat to make the outfit Smart causal…mama taught me that move. Anyway the oyster bar lures you in then as you enter the door an option to go up the stairs to a retro old cinema kind place is presented to you, we were like nah to the oysters they are showing old-fashioned batman.


Sat at the bar for a good 45 mins, two beers down @ $6 a piece, we notice this group leave from somewhere, they weren’t in the room at any point. And boom at the end there’s a hidden door in the darkness that leads you to another bar work. This was the Grease film feels, neon lights, Old fashioned jukebox counter top and car which I can’t remember popular for the 60’s with red leather seats. At this point I was like YOOO a 3 in on bar and decided that we wouldn’t get a beer but we did need to warm up so VODKA SHOT the rest is a blur

We hit a couple of great bars A REALLY CHEAP DIVE BAR  where I met so cool bartenders and students.  I have no idea what they were studying but they were sound had a convo about the city and stuff I wandered off to the bar found a Brit had a chat about something Bought him a drink because he was cool and recommended places. Now you’ll notice a trend as you read these that as I get drunk I am a very friendly person if someone offers to buy me a drink we are best friends or I’ll be having a chat for a good 30 mins and if my drink finishes I’m buying a round cause I feel the convo will progress and they will return the favour.

Simples. Yeah my account has taken a beating, but I was really enjoying my time with locals and listening to their stories and views of the cities I was at.

Food here is in abundance man.They have a Nando’s which was the first place i visited cause thats the only place it is in the US LIKE HOW NANDO’S! I MISSED THAT MOZAMBIQUE/ PORTUGUESE CHICKEN. I’m sure they should rebound as the UK’s favourite hangover cure zone (if you didn’t kill your bank the night before, because that Whetherspoons breakfast is a solid call) I’m not going to say I was blessed tasting cause it was so basic I was disappointed Americans get the impression of Nando’s, please lords above in the Nando’s heavens bless this mad country with the cheekiest sauce in all the land.

We dined in China town checking out a really cute restaurant that we sadly missed the happy hour. The menu was interesting but that’s to be spoken about in another post.

You can feast your eyes on the whole trip on that VSCO account I keep mentioning

VSCO: Washington DC and Drive for the 7States In 7Nights


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