Gringos locos || Downtown Orlando

Nights out ain’t been the same since Gingos  Locos did wonderful stuff to my 9000 drunken taste-buds. You know when you’re messy after a great sesh and you always have that food zone that you all go to. You know the restaurant that looks out for the morning you by greasing you up before bed, saving you crazy self from that brutal hangover. These are the places behind the ‘thank god no hangover’ tweets and FB statuses on the Sunday mornings.

Back home my fellow American friends, we have a gloriously nasty kebab and chips with a shed load of garlic mayo or gravy depending on what night it turned out to be. To this day as much as I will slate that food in the morning, mate there is nothing better than a steaming kebab and Chips at 4am. ACTUALLY CRAZY PEDROS IS THE DON FOR LATE NIGHT FOOD!

Any🐋, Gringos have opened my mind to a mad thing of Burritos for after night out saviours! Now science* behind swerving the spinning headache hangover days is simply

Don’t drink on an empty stomach.

When extremely litt carbs and grease PLENTY OF GREASE are your friends! 

Now saying this it was one of my first nights out in Downtown Orlando with the SwanDolph crew for someone’s bday, I think Laura but its a blurrrr. Anyway after a great little ‘yet responsible’ drink up in one of the clubs, I was introduced to Gringos Locos a little cute yet edgy Mexican joint.

Now this place is popular with students, interns and other party life lovers during the evenings and late lunches. In my lit 🔥 state I saw the Chimichanga on the board. I was like I’ll have that one! Now when I’m drunk I don’t take pics for Fooditude as they don’t turn up with the same quality but it was so good. I DID IT.

This is a my genuine hangover sorta safe post on fooditude21 Insta. Mild 2/10 hangover

• Drunken beauty! •
May not look as appealing as it was at 3:20am but That deep-fried rice chicken and beans Chimichanga saved my morning self from a 5 Long Island ice tea hangover! Yeah 5 after that greased up beauty it felt like 2 mild hangover 😌😂 Gringos is the hangover future! #MexicanFoodIsTheNewDrunkeSaviour#FuckTrumpWalliLoveMyHangoverCure

As you see I was pumped. Now I recently made a visit to the restaurant before I started a long 600 check-in day at work. This was after some work with the local food bank in Orlando. A great place So awesome they have their own post and a way you can be involved with their great cause || Second Harvest || You see that smooth post plugg.

Back to the Point I went in had a little convo with the dude,  Matt I think he was. We where chatting about what was popular on the menu and what to go with if you’re hungry. I was told either the Double D’s which sounded great on so many levels but wasn’t feeling Tacos. Burritos there was three Drunk gringo which has EVERYTHING, The Mouth hugger hugger has ground beef, chicken, rice, lettuce all kind of dankness. The final popular option was my drunken choice upon my last visit the Chimichanga.

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Processed with VSCO with c6 presetMy choice on my second visit was the mouth hugger.
In all honesty I picked it on the name and then found out what was in it and I was like you SAY NO MORE. Did it hug my mouth yes and then helped my stomach for that heavy check in day.

I aint even exaggerating you can ask any interning or placement student their opinion on Gringo’s loco. I think it was Olivia and Madison two students who were sadly coming to an end of their program as I got here. Them and other UCF students were persistent that I have it after the sesh. I have never looked back.

The second time eating with them was what I think it will be like on Jesus second coming for Christians, they sure will rejoice as much as my tastes buds did. ( Mum is going to kill me for that joke, but I aint lying so)

This is a definitely an Orlando recommendation for people who wish to travel as locals. You get to chat to locals and the great diverse Orlando community while you sip on great mexican beers or a diverse choice of Fanta and other beverages… aye btw Gringos Locos margarita would be a killing… you probably do that but yeah I LOVE YOU

 Vsco pic essay . Interwebb . What Are others showing 

*the science mentioned is a science from Mostern experience. This is not in any way to be considered as medical advice cause it aint, I aint got my masters in hangovers yet but its Mos crazy saviour experience advice. It might not work for you but could do who knows…


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