Second Harvest Food bank

Food has become a big part of my life in 2016. Helping fight hunger is the best way to, to end 2016, being the part of the last group in 2016 was perfect! ❣️
Massive Thank you Second Harvest Food Bank for all the work you do.
From what they started off as, to what I saw was incredible, inspiring and uplifting to know that such an organisation runs helping and looking out for communities, families and children around them.
I am extremely happy that I was part of the last team to be involved with the great project last year, so proud I’ve said it twice but it makes me smile that for nearly every weekend theres groups like us and individuals of the Orlando community who are happy and as passionate as some of the members I saw to give up some of their time to help fight hunger and feed hope.

I am blessed and thats something I cannot take advantage of. I am thankful for the HR team and my awesome colleges for telling about it. Yeah I was up early (7am) and was followed by a 10 hour shift on a big check in day but if anyone says they didn’t get a laugh from it or even that they were bored and kept clock watching then I claim lies #Alternativefacts.

You can be involved with this fab project Click the link below!  In all honesty E-mail me, slide in my DM’s; Basically tell me date you are looking to do it I would love to join you if  I’m free. That and tequila shots I got time for! Or you and a couple of mates can go down 

Read about them and other projects: Second Harvest Food bank

Orlando Volunteering opportunities.



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