Illinois is now my 13th state to have had a drink in in the last 5 weeks! Even for me I’m impressed. ✊🏾
It has been an early start for us, we had an early morning flight at 6am then found out that  Orlando airport has a dumb rule. If your fights is before 9 am then be there 3 hours before because they seem to step up their security searches. Anyway without sleep we went but no bar were open the only place I could drink was a place that charged 9bucks for a Corona. Anyway Boy I am glad to be in the city.😆😆

Staying At the W Chicago Lakeshore hotel.  Beautiful hotel man, thank you for the view Barbra you were awesome❣️❣️

Everyone has told us Pizza 🍕game is huge here! After asking a couple of the people from chicago and a couple of the staff all said we had to try Lou Malnatis. My mouth has been blessed, like daym the Chicago deep pan pizza game and Mostern standards have been set. More pizza to be tasted but they will be held to Lou’s standards

If you loving the pics More on Vsco these are just a taster more on the link Chicago Vsco.

Day 2

Day 3

Adios Chicago


Final thoughts. Beautiful city friendly people and a place where the love of pizza is intense. My verdict on the under the skin argument on who has the better pizza Lou Malnatis or Giordano’s, I genuinely think its an easy answer there shouldn’t even be a debate on this on. Lou Malnatis is better on sauce game A LOT BETTER on the Crust Play!

I would return definitely if someone was like I’m going up for a couple of nights you down for a Lou trip?! However I would love to try it again and see a different side to it like the romantic side cause i saw couple and i was thinking it would be such a great date city.



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