About last weekend, known this dude for a good couple of years.  Last year, I had gone through a tough period and the dude made sure I was good during my bday celebrations, which seemed to last forever 🤔. This year we were in the land of the free, cant even believe we are both here but we had the chance to turn up in MIAMII.


The trip made me so pumped! I am undoubtedly returning to Miami before I leave and David leave. After all the snapchatting I did (Mosternthe3rd 🔌🔌) and the videos I collected from the time down there and my time here in the US. I’m actually thinking of a YouTube channels is due. I have a lot of  videos that I haven’t posted  🤔

Here we go. The pictures have hyper powered.


Miami Vice turn up

Also if you interested and bored this Friday evening check out my bday month of 2015! Yeah my VSCO stretches out that far 🙃

Bday of 15

Ps This month I look to better and catch you up with all the cray Shizz that’s been happening in the last 3 months besides the traveling . thank you for the patience ❣️


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