Pure Purple passion 🦁💜 Orlando City game 

Finally attended my first game after 9 months of being in the sunny state. As a lover of experience, I was given an Orlando boys pre game tour by the one and only Aaron, dude knew everyone in the bar felt looked after.👌

This is how the day went. I was told to meet up Downtown at 11am at a bar called Elixir.  The ORLANDO pack 🦁 would be there #Neverhuntalone. Now, as I’m heading into downtown I was nervous thinking I wouldn’t find the bar, I had heard of Elixir but never looked into it, so was hoping the Uber driver would know more than I did. Anywho, first thing I noticed as  we enter downtown Orlando area, A heard of purple shirts where heading one way.

This place was alive and purple so many people. Then I saw a board that showed the discounts and offers on game days; Tequilaaaa shots 3 bucks I think🙋‍♂️, beer were like $2.50. 🙋‍♂️ And even discounts on food 🙋‍♂️. And according to our guide of the day, Aaron was like you gotta have the loaded Tata totes, cause they are dank. He wasn’t lying.


After a couple of bevvys, 3 toilet trips #BrokeTheSealEarly and multiple shots it was time for the 🦁 to head to the stadium.

The stadium is beautiful. The people are lit and friendly. PASSION FROM ALL AGES MAN.

When I was back in  the UK, when I saw American Soccer like MLS games. Like the crowds aint as lit as the American football games or like small crowds empty sits and just a lit sense of disappointment to such a quality game. 👀


These stadiums are booming with people sharing the same passion as his brother next to him. I was lucky to be cheering behind a 5 year old dude out with his family. Dad granddad and grandson kinda days out. He did look at me a couple of times like ‘bruh chill, Ashley Cole don’t play for us’😏

One hell of a day Game finished with an extra time min winner from Cyle Larin. I was for real left with no voice and cherishing one hell of a game. Pure Purple passion

The game is here if you interested in watching I was watching!

The best thing about the whole thing is that I got the chance to experience this cheap man $30 on Gametime app.  Get five bucks off your tickets using code Mostern. Shameless plug.



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