Disney Springs: Paddlefish

Seafood lovers you need to go down to Paddlefish in Disney springs. For real their flavor and appreciation for the beasts of the sea is just beautiful. As everything around Disney, every detail is thought through in compelling detail from the views, the music, the lighting and I’m pretty sure they control the weather too but that’s yet to be determined.

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So let me take this back bit. Paddlefish has caused so whirlwind in my head when it opened. They released their menu, like a taster menu like 3 months ago while I was walking around Disney Springs. Let me paint you a picture before it was a ratty looking boat when I originally arrived to Orlando. Then next I see this fresh fly looking boat. I will give it to the designer they nailed it. Then they showed me the menu.  You ever seen something and you instantly become hungry because you want that stuff in your belly ASAP Ferg. I was already imagining the kind of noise i would be making and eat the crab fries.

Now, I had  missed their opening mostly because I was checking out other states (7 states in 7 nights) and haven’t been because i was hearing its expensive and like the service is slow and shizz so its put barriers to checking it out.

Well, when I went there last week, I was only there for one reason to get my flatmates a last minute birthday gift and on route to get it I walked past the Paddlefish. Now, I treated it like an old ex, You say Hi, do that quick awkward catch up and move on. Now this decision wasn’t great because the feels came back so hard. It was like the ex just said I miss you, and you been missing them too. That menu was playing on my mind while I was getting Meli’s gift. As soon as I walked out of the store my Paddlefish hunger kicked in. I was remembering the first time I saw that menu,  how  hard I fell in love with it. You know what I wasn’t going to care about what others thought,  I was going to give this baby a chance to prove to me why I love it and why its worth my time thinking about it.

So, I dashed in like Ross stopping the plane for Rachel and was like table please. lets do this.

Sat down on the deck outside, the weather perfect, our server rolls up and is bubbly and charming. She welcomes us and goes through the menu with us and offers her suggestions. Now at this time I’m still remembering what people have been saying Slow service. Couldn’t see a thing, this operation looked so well oiled. Seafood takes time to come out as it should! There is alot of potential for a mess up.  So at this point after the drinks order and the food orders taken I sat back and enjoyed the atmosphere. Some people were jet skiing on the lake, the Disney boats were rolling around us PURE SCENES. Date night location for sure.

We had ordered a selection. Now I have to say this IF YOU AIN’T A SEAFOOD LOVER DON’T FRET THEY HAVE LAND DISHES. That did look peng but I was playing about I’m here for the beasts of the sea.Processed with VSCO with ke1 preset

Food ordered: Charred Octopus artistically seated on Cannellini bean, chourico all drizzled in some fineeeee smoked paprika oil. ($15) Fire

Crab Fries You don’t understand until this dish caress you tongue. It is Skin-on french fries covered in  lump blue crab and then the most blest pairing sauce to crab and pies ever; Louie dressing. OMG if you are thinking of going there but just want a couple of plates this is a must get. ($14)

Helen went with the Crab Ceviche god daym the detail and colour in that dish was so beautiful. I had Blue crab, that good avocado loving, bell pepper, jalapeno, cilantro, lime tortillas


I went for the bad ass Scallops. Now the price was 36 bucks, that’s a price for treasured seafood, but some time the restaurants can be stingy with these goodies and give you the smallest scallops and be like enjoy. NAHHH not at this place. four beauties. OH MY DAYS Brown butter dressed on that with some cauliflower puree. The toasted crispy Brussels sprouts even on such a dish they found some room to throw bacon on it. ART ON THE PLATE and on my palate.

So after dining there a couple of drinks our bill was a $100 flat including tip, for what i experienced I wouldn’t flinch to do it again. The thing is look at the menu its the kind of menu that include platters for date nights, family nights and even lets chill as a squad and just nosh on some dope food. The sharing platters looked so big and beautiful i was tempted to join the Mcdaniel family. Cracking a lobster next to us.

I think that they got judged as soon as they opened. As a dude from industry that’s not a fair time to judge because everyone is learning the system. Yes you can have several training meeting and runs but nothing cuts it to the real game day. This place is deffo up there for seafood restaurants in my heart. They learnt from mistakes before and nailed it. My only criticism would be, They should give the guest an option of either cinnamon butter or regular butter when dropping the bread. I hate cinnamon to start my meal off. But other than that I feel this baby made me fall 100ft back in love with her.

I’ll drink with y’all soon before I leave You

Fall in love by checking out those pic! PADDLEFISH VSCOOOO


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