But why Denver

Looking back at my time in America I have been Blessed to see and meet some incredible people. Denver is definitely at the top of things I’ve ever experienced. I travelled with there with Jeff but was shown the around with locals Rob and Scotty. Compared to other trips I’ve done this was different cause we stayed with them, to which I cannot thank you enough guys. Because I’m sure we wouldn’t have got a more authentic experience if we didn’t chill with you guys: Truly traveled as locals.  And also may not being able to smoke in hotels… but also we were able to check out non tourists neighbourhoods.


Anywhoo,​ after returning to England, I have thought about this post so much cause after visiting different places this is the place I would drop stuff for. I don’t know what it is, maybe its cause they have so many bars and restaurants or the city has a young vibe or it’s incredibly clean or maybe because you have beautiful people everywhere. I didn’t encounter one rude person. NOT ONE. And all the while surrounded by beautiful snow-covered peaks in the distance.

The thing is its difficult for me to explain this place, it surprised me. The place is sunny 300 days of the year because it’s so high up, I think, I know they are a Mile above sea level.

Colorado is a one of the 8 states in the US that allows the recreational use of marijuana. But they are close and tight about it and governed by state law from my understanding.

Around the city there were so many dispensaries, after arriving and getting a little confused with the transportation from the airport to downtown, we met Rob, dude being the legend he is was so chill and told us about the great dispensaries around downtown and gave us hints to the ones that are selling for the tourists; so you know they’ve spiked their prices up for their stuff. Ahh tourism love it. 

Anyway we headed down to ballpark dispensaries.There we were entering the place, OH TOP TIP as a British person carry your passport with you, most of America will not accept the Green or Pink driving licence. I was lucky this time cause we had only just got off the plane so had it in my pocket. After being greeted by the sweetest lady we were walk through and are told our BUDTENDER would call us when his ready, i nearly lost it laughing; that play on words caught me off guard.

I ain’t got many pictures cause they got a lot of signs up about no pics and all. But if you watch the video they did. I’m one of the propaganda dudes the speak about! No lie. I was skeptical about it so much!

However They taught me about THC gave me a book on the effects. went through all the ways to take it and I’m the kinda person who loves to be in control of my head so I’ve been paranoid in the past to try it. But when they told me and I knew and was around great company it felt calm. Loved it.

You know those snowy peaks I was on about, I climbed a couple of that. For a guy who loves drinking and less exercise other than gym. I’m the kinda guy to order an Uber instead of walking any more than 15-20 mins, 10 mins is pushing it sometimes; its hard work maintaining this wiz Khalif body.  No lie this was one thing that made me realise how much I love natural beauty and walks. With the right people they can be a breeze open and clear your head. Such a cliché but I understand. No toilet will have the same view i had at 9000ft as a pee’d. Youknow when you’ve been holding a piss for some time and you finally release that sign of “Ahhhh”. and then you look up to pure natural beauty. You are looking at new mac books wallpaper in actual sight. I cannot tell you how relieved I was up there but I hope I came close.

C74C8EFB-5644-479F-9AE5-EA6510C22595.jpgI feel that moment would have been made american dream perfect If I held a beer and a Bald eagle was to fly right above me, I genuinely think the eagle would drop that green card on my head noted ‘welcome home, you can stay’ signed Abraham lincoln.

Processed with VSCO with c6 presetAfter some of these views the following day we went up to get some brunch and it was so good i feel it desserves a separate post in its self. Sassafras presented all kinds tongue love emotions. Never been kissed that way, mans been in love before and it was like up there with the first kiss when you know you love that gal. Yeah that how I’d describe the Sassafras food.


My final thoughts about this Denver well the whole state of Colorado deserves the hype as the other places thought of when America springs to mind  like New York, LA, San Fran, Dallas and Austin in Texas and Las Vegas. Its beautiful as hell the people here are so lovely and the city seems to have everything for everyone. Foodies to party animals to nature lovers. it has the southern American hospitality to it complemented with the stunning nature around it.

Its one place that I struggled to find things online about hence i didn’t really hype my trip, but also I was so engaged with what I was doing to be keeping most of my social media updated.

I❣️ Denver 

I was so happy that I had the squad I had, great people to reach all kind of peaks with. A personal close to this but I do wish to say a massive thank you to Rob C, Scotty H, Jeff  B and Brian for making the trip one hella eye opener.

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*Oh youtube video bout dis out by the end of the week.*

Im Mostern saying Love ya and goodbye with a fooditude salute ✌️


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