Fu: Baijiu Is here!?

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 The UK’s and certainly Liverpool’s first Baijiu dedicated bar!

You are probably like me when I read that and was like “Oh yeah?! Whats Baijiu?” I’ll be straight up honest if you know what it is pat yourself on the back cause that’s pretty dope, me on the other hand had no idea and randomly stumbled on some lit Chinese alcohol dedicated bar while I was “lost” in Liverpool.

So if you are like me and you will have no idea what this alcohol but have love for the alcohol in any form then let me tell you catch you up with the alcoholic geniuses.

5 quick facts 

  1. It’s the most popular drink in the world… cause its China’s national drink 
  2. Distilled from fermented Sorghum (some kind of grain)
  3. You gotta say it right “Bye-joe” don’t put an accent on pls doesn’t go down well – Mos tip
  4. This fire dates back 5,000 years
  5. Oh and the important fact, this spirit ain’t light – 40-60%abv

Don’t say I don’t teach on here. Anyway why would I go through so much effort to learn and be excited to tell you so much about a place on I only just stumbled on in Liverpool?

This place aint what you expect when you mindlessly walk past it in the street. Its got that artistic look as you walk past which we judged as just a random store. We only stopped, when I say we 😏 Chez stopped me cause she was like this place looks cute and artsy. My many days out shopping and mindless walking with girls have told me those words mean we stopping and are checking it out.

I wasn’t even mad cause like, I judged it as a one of those cheeky shops that sells like clothes with fairy lights and randomly has a coffee shop you know like extra EXTRA hipster. To be honest I was going to be happy with coffee but you have no idea how lit my eyes got when I found out it’s a bar!

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Now bear with me as I describe this one. It felt like you just  walked into a your mates house who had just returned from his travels abroad and had bought so much random stuff but this dude in past time was a genius on interior decorating messy style. That’s the best I can do cause it felt so chill like the term make ‘your self at home’ was made for this place with the comfy chairs, blankets and even projector playing some old films in the back ground and everything was set to catch your eye but not too much to be like “dude there is too much happening in here, you may have to put some in the garage” but it worked. Theres a target table in on the roof, a gold gun lamp A trapped Mikey Mouse toy on the roof...can’t get away from that dude. HOLD UP Even the wall with denim jeans was beautiful and works!

We got this well-travelled vibe from our server. The dude seemed like he had lived in China for some time and developed a raw passion for Baijiu, he was the one that taught my dumb ass all the facts about Baijiu and then went on to stronly recommended the cocktails. Should have known that he was the freaking owner of the place. Dude was so down to earth I couldn’t tell and I think that’s what made it better cause you could feel that same chill in the bar.

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Drinks are loaded one drink and I’m feeling good.  Admittedly I did have the strong one, I summoned the “36th Oaths” This beast had Baijiu (obvs) mescal, elderflower, lime grapefruit, a little cinnamon and a killer rinse of absinth. Smokey botanical and strong serious love man. Its is like the normal prices for a cocktail nowadays you know £6 – £9 range depending on the strength. Even got a non Baijiu if you aint about that or wines are beers are provided. I even saw they had a little Dim Sum menu, didn’t get a chance to try it but all the more reason to return.

I feel like I haven’t been able to express fully how much I felt about this place cause its a new experience with an alcohol you wouldn’t get any were in the UK but also be so set in a place that invites you to try it in comfort. I am one who cherishes new experiences but loves trying new things  I felt it is hell of an ambassador to the drink and the culture it originates from with great finesse. The only way I feel for you to get the feels and alcoholic engli(gh)tenment is to try it when you’re out there.

Fooditude recommended  Fu – Sure 😉

Their Website || My Gallery   | let gram show you

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