Top 5 burger spot​ in Orlando

It’s been two months today being back on my side of the pond. The frequent question I get asked is; Do you miss it? I’m like yeah man miss the friendships I made and miss the hell out of the food! God, no lie I have dreams of burgers harddd. Some, actually probably MOST of the morning glories are pulled pork on double patty action with all kind dribbling cheese and all pure American BBQ filth induced rises. Daym I’m thinking about it.

Anywho, I thought that i gotta share the top burgers as people go out there on their travels. Bless people’s mouths in Orlando! I know if you’re going there you’ve probably planned to check out the parks most so I got a couple good ones on theme park properties but I want you to meet with locals so thrown the beauties in there.

 5 || Hard Rock cafe @ Universal


Hard Rock cafe are well-known for the rock and roll theme worldwide. I have heard that they are people who love them so much so they collect the glasses from each location

worldwide. I went to two of them in the US and got the “local Legendary”and they were fire I have to admit. Deep fried stuff man, jalapeños onion rings. Some beans a bunch of cheese pulled pork and you even get a choice of beef or chicken! Whichever is fine.

If you up at Universal check’em out! Become a rocker and get snapped by paps then dig them teeth in those burgers. oh and they have a dope dessert menu only thing that makes it number 5 is i didn’t like the service in both New York and Orlando but that could just be me, my tongue, however, was living it large!

Find’em : Menu 

4 || House of blues @ Disney Springs:

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Disney Springs is a hot tourist destination around Orlando.

It’s on Disney property and to be honest, you can’t run away from the Disney magic but it’s subtle here. Anyway, it holds a great food spot and a burger that I would class 4th best burger experiences to touch my lips when I was out there.


House of blues is known music, entertainment and a great blues and rockvibe. It has a live music usually from local bands and some great cocktails  Staff flow with this great vibe.

The burgers? You have more choices that’s why they are number 4! So you have the three mended burgers which I went with the Juicy Lucy but you can add anything to it Or make your own. For some reason one day I went and i was craving a runny egg kinda ting. The waitress was so cool she recommended their sauces that she thought was gonna add fire to my burger and she knew about it. The picture I believe is the Juicy Lucy. This beaut is applewood-smoked bacon chilling on beef patty stuffed with provolone cheese, topped with pickled  fire and crispy jalapeños, roasted tomatoes and chipotle mayo on a brioche bun.

Btw it comes higher than above cause they also got that happy hour love between 3pm – 5pm daily. DAILY HAPPINESS

Burgers $14-$16 

Find’em : Menu 

3||Crew Cups Lounge @ The Yacht and Beach Club

Experience the best burger at the best steakhouse lounge on Disney property. The Yachtsman has the best steak on property hands down, some say the best steak in Orlando but now think about the passion they put in their stake they have the same love and Disney magic for their burger:

Yacht Club Burger $18: Just juicy and drippage. Signature Blend Beef, Swiss cheesing , Brandy-Peppercorn Sauce, Sautéed Mushrooms, Onion Jam, Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato.* Licks fingers after each bite *

Heres the awkward part I ain’t even got pics and i searched the Insta for the pictures of this burger, Couldn’t find anything because like everyone who’s been touched in the moment you forget to brag cause it catches you off guards.

Burger $18

Find’em : Menu 

2 || Yellow dog eats!

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DAYM WE AT TOP 2!! These are the guys that make me so excited in my dreams and as I tell you about them! Here is the thing I’ve already spoken about Yellow dog eats and I will carry on to praise them man.

Best hidden spot and a must-go when you’re visiting like meet locals, meet great dogs and embrace the cool edge of Orlando. And heres the thing the food that will get you looking at the burgers and sandwiches wondering who the hell made that and hoping they are single cause you bout to get apply for the green card just so you could see them make that stuff and see what else their brain pop up with.

So, they got a large menu but they also do daily specials. My ass couldn’t figure out what he wanted and was like what could I have and was sold on the Special called the Beef cake.

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Let me explain that burger had:  soft AF Brisket with their special golden BBQ sauce! TWO kinds of onions soft fried onions and then some caramelized onions Even I’m not bout onion but when its art on you tongue paint pls  Then threw on some scallions topped with macNcheese  and an under lining of crispayy pecan-smoked bacon on a great bun.  ($10.95) Bruhhh didn’t know how to eat this bitshhhh.  Like I couldn’t disrespect the burger by using my cutlery. I ain’t one to be shy when I’m tucking into my food. The Golden BBQ sauce is worth all that gold

As I rewrite this yellow dog eats please for me as i chill on this sofa typing this up rename it to like Beefloved chaos or just Beauty & chaos OR even The brit that got blessed  It’d be the perfect mark I would have left in the US. It would say on the menu we blessed a british dude mouth with some gold bbq! 😆😆

$9 – $12

Find’em: Menu : Pics

1 || Teak Neighbourhood grill

My favourite place and my top recommendation to visit full stop. The parks are great but if you wanna treat your mouth to some fire burgers and experience a little more America then this is the spot. Great waiters pub quizzes awful yet catchy tracks that I have no idea why I know, sports bar thing going on too. OH and maybe a secret menu.

Yo this place does deserve its own blog post which my lazy and busy ass is writing up but let me tell you IT HAS 17! YEAH 17 BURGERS! All mouth possessing sons of tongues.  They were my go to place to celebrate, to chill to drink and even loosen up. A burger for all feels.



So my fav burger there is the Drunken Monk ($13) || the beast is blessed with half pound Angus beef now smeared on that fine ass beef a is angry Orchard onion jam some roasted cherry tomatoes, gotta have smoked bacon dash of herb mayo. Then, they go on and top it provolone cheese but drizzle all melted white cheddar cheese which is all perched on pretzel bun. *Biting lips* 

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Heres the thing I can’t tell you how much I want that burger back in my life. I didn’t cry on the plane when I left for the people I cried cause I wouldn’t taste the last of the melted white cheddar on the slide one lips again. Seriously you must go and the best thing is that this month AUGUST 17 they are opening a second one in Orlando because one ain’t good enough

Burgers $12 – $15

Find’em: Menu 


Bonus pick || CHICK FILL-A

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Okay yeah they are like a massive franchise, However, it a must experience! you will never look at fast food service the same! Their food is great, their service is top drawer stuff!! BETTER SERVICE THAN HARDROCK yeah burgers ain’t like filled with messy, massive or madness but they got passion flavour and a smile. No lie they will save that Friday hangover and Sunday fundays hangover! They sadly ain’t open on sundays so that saturday hang ain’t saved cause they be in church.









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