January’s Top 5 Gotta Hit Restaurants

Heyyyy 2018 and friends!! Crazy how quick a year can fly past, December was mad with all the coursework and working during the holidays. I may have missed out on a lot of new restaurants opening but what a time to catch up, during the famous Manchester January sales. So I decided on 5 restaurants I’m wishing to check out by the end of the month.

Randall and Aubin

1 Frontage

First of all, are the boys that opened at the same time as Masons (who are next) and they have intrigued me but December hasn’t allowed me to check them out. With a couple of friends working there and other friends raving about them, I have to check them out!

They seem to focus on French fish cuisine! Which I’m excited to try not only cause I’m learning french but from the menu, it has a lot of options to try. No lie every dish catches my eye even the salad! Port of Lancaster oak smoked salmon salad! 😩😍

They have a deal too in Jan. Free wine crafte with any starter and main between two 🤔 I’m down for that thank you 🤙🏾 must pre book!

Randall & Aubin, 64 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BN
om/manchester/Masons restaurant and Bar in Manchester hall

Second on the hit list is the new Masons restaurant and Bar on bridge street. Now I work here 🔌and I am proud to work here cause it’s a fab building and great people with some great food which I have sort of tasted…  But heres why its on the list, I want to actually sit and relax and see how my fellow co-workers do. I have “tasted” the food but not like chilled back and tucked in without other forks fighting me for the rest of the dish. I WANT THE SCOTTISH PANCHETA SCALLOPS TO MYSELF AND HAM HOCK AND MUSTARD TERRINE WITH THE DEEP FRIED POACH EGG TO MYSELF while I sip on personally made Martini, that’s been made for me at the table.

The martini is a big one for me, Yeah even if the Chef Nathan slides me a bit of Ham Hock during a busy service  I can’t sip on a gin fire martini at the same time. I have tried… I want to experience it from the other side cause it is so special to deliver. At the beginning our training was long but we’ve been trained to know a lot about the menu food and drinks.  I’m jealous of people who have already cause they all be like “it is so good to be chilled and casual but be served such beautiful and fine food.” I want to be saying that.

January insiders note is exciting not only cause of the 40% off the food bill Sunday to Friday and up to 6pm on Saturday. But also the new cocktail list will be sliding into actions during this month and keep an eye on the specials that the chefs are rustling up.

Ground Floor, 36 Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 3BT

1761 & Lily’s bar

Also on the list 1761 & Lilys bar, opening in the old place where avalanche was and only opened late 2017. After a little visit to the bar downstairs, which apparently ain’t fully done yet, it got me all excited to see it again as they have a HUGE FISH TANK to finish the already impressive scenes they have created. The drinks looked fire and the menu has intrigued the shiiiiiii out of me. Their menu is influenced by the industrial revolution and that warm Mancunian spirit. So veg is locally sourced like Manc distributors local for their dishes.

Why am I even talking veg, like I’m gonna be all up healthy in there when they serve MARGARITA OYSTERS, yall know I do love me some tequiilla!! They also dish up SMOKED DUCK BREAST like okay you’ve got me at the starter and oysters the rest is bliss. Even their sides got me in a debate of how healthy the “NEW POTATOES, BACON, SOY BEANS” are? I gotta taste them to know.

The offer ain’t bad either! Jan Deal: 50% off the food bill but gotta make a reservation first.

2 Booth Street
0161 714 0414

Favela bar and Cantina

From British to South American cuisine, gotta keep diverse you see. Favelas has been open for some time, however, I have heard a lot to warrant a January visit and better they have a 50% deal on this month. After a trip to Gingo locos in Orlando, I have a whole new level of appreciation for the burritoooo 😍😍 The burrito fillings loook actually really good and then the empanadas caught my eye!! Only had them once and they were absolutely 🔥🔥 . It is the stronger reason to why  I’m actually going.

AND THEN LOOKED AT THE DRINKS MENU AND WAS LIKE “SORTA DRY JAN” HAS JUST GONE OUT OF THE WINDOW. Obvs gonna go down on the bevs; they have my favourite spirits Tequila & Mezcal based cocktails COME ON how can I not,  yall know I do love the algave juice 🤙🏾 ☠️

So as i said earlier they do have a beautiful 50% discount during January

57 Hilton Street, Manchester, M1 2EJ

0161 8060792



Tnq is a restaurant bar in the NQ, creatively called The Northern Quater Restaurant and Bar. guess how long it took to think of that name but I dig it. Anyway, while I was researching the spots to hit I spotted them cause they had been in the Michelin from 2010-2015 as a recommendation. That’s a point of interest for me as my dissertation topic is based on the food guide and its lack of awards and recognition to Manchester great food scene. So, this won’t just be to indulge but also has an educational research side to it, he says as he looks deeper at the drinks list. 

However, in all seriousness, the dishes are enticing as feck. Got me all excited to try it out. Heres the thing, you know before you go to a place you usually already know what you’re gonna have, their menu got me double guessing myself so I’m gonna make my mind up when I’m there. Gotta avoid that plate envy… which I probably will get anyway.

Fire point is that they have a 50% off offer during January tooo!! As all above you gotta prebook and check them out.

108 High St, Manchester M4 1HQ, UK
0161 8

If you wanna check out the whole list of places offering the great deals of january Hit up Manchesters Finest or Manchester Confidential

To finiish off, this should be a dope month, Im looking to check them out and write about them within the 3 days after eating there. Now obvs aint going on my own, any of my friends intrested in any of these hit me up and we can check’em together. 😘

Happy new year. 🙌🏾🎉


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