Friyay bar recommendation: Peggy’s

First Friyay of the year! After work drinks are needed! More so in my industry after these holidays but I was treated to a great sort “speakeasy” well hidden to say the least. Also nominated as one of THE best new bar in the UK by the Class magazine. So I felt I gotta share 😅😏

Shaun and Adam are considered as two ofManchester’ss top bartending talents in the industry. For me I do believe they actually could be up there, they have that great raw passion and knowledge for the booze, which I have seen and worked with in other absolute quality bartenders around the city.

Peggy’s bar is a simple place. They are pulling all the facade away from other bars around Spiningfields. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Down to the old-fashioned basics; basic room, basic scenes but best ingredients to create phenomenal drinks. Bruh dude uses an actual Christmas tree to get your drink on point. And vinyl to set the old theme going but sets a chill ass mode for you.

It has the proper speakeasy feel to it like you could have a good old whiskey but you know if you had a cocktail they would teach you all about it and leave you in peace, seat there with no drama and just people watch if you’d like. They have a unique feel of simplicity.

The drinks! THE DRINKS. THEY KNOW THEIR DRINKS! Been here twice. The first time was with a bartender who was stunned and loved the drink. Myself, I was just in Orr of their martini!! 😍 White truffle oil to finish makes it one of the top spot martini’s I be sipping on in Manchester.

The second time was on New Year’s Day. A couple of cocktail new bees who just stayed what they like flavour wise, now these girls are picky, one didn’t like gin but forgot to tell him and was loving the gin-based party in her mouth! That good 😂

Deffo my one of my top drink spots in the city to just sit and enjoy your drink and the company you have. Yeah, it’s slightly out of the city but it’s a 4min walk over the Lowry bridge.

Gotta try kinda place. ☺️✌🏾

If you ain’t convinced check out the journal below

Peggy’s bar Journal


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