2017 Vid: A Quick look back

2017 has been a mad one like the best and the most challenging years ever. Certain things went to plan and some things didn’t at all, but never have I related so closely to a saying like “one door closes another is yet to open.” I have challenged myself and life had too, I was far from perfect and so were the situations I went through.  But I thank whatever it was that gave me a great bunch of friends and people that were with me through the ups and the lows. Many trips that I when I was making the vid I wanted to include more but would make the video like 8 mins long. Many drinks and sessions some were so good they are only remembered by the hangover the next day.

As people around me know I do love to take pictures of everything, even when I’m in no capacity, for me they capture the moments I am in and I look back at them fondly because they will remind me of the person I’m with, how I felt or how much I was feeling great that day.  During 2017 I took a tone of pics around 7k, without Snapchat.

Like last year I’m going to try and make it a tradition, I have made a video this year a sorta full length one but still not too long that its boring.  Developing on last year I am going to be sticking to 3-4 mins trailer size, last year was a minute vid for Instagram. That isn’t enough time to show all the great moments I had but as a trailer just to provide a little glimpse

For real I enjoyed my year and making the vid; I don’t know what I wish for the following year because the challenges were hard but needed. So, I guess I hope it is with more great times but fewer lows really. Wish you the same.

I hope you enjoy the vid,

Side note: if you were part of my year thank you for the shots.


My top pics I’m in love with!


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