Friyay week 2: Vesper Cocktail Bar

Sorry it’s late, Thursday was a crazy night it spiralled so quick and I was working Friday morning so I passed out as soon as I got home in the evening; completely forgetting set this post up!

Anywho! Recommendation for Week 2 is Vesper Cocktail Bar that has opened recently near Albert Square just off kings street! The place is classic and chilled, hidden away in the alleys, this emerald bar is a great little spot for after work drinks during the week and a little chill spot during the weekend. It’s not like a mad crowd kinda place. You go to enjoy your drink in peace from the great selection of cocktails and beautiful twists on the classics.

Now I ain’t in the mood for mad ones this January so this spot got me,Β he says after introducing how Thursdays quiet drinks and dinner spiralled out of control,Β I ain’t intentionally looking for the sesh to say it better, this place has a great vibe. I don’t know how to describe but it’s like 1920’s emerald and gold feel; Gatsby emerald gold kinda feel to it and fire drinks.

The bartenders know their stuff and open to suggestions. The classics can be done and the twists they have on their menu are applaudable. Simple Caipirinha but with Lycee and lemongrass to give that extra ✨✨ and I noticed they had an apricot cosmo for the tropical sex and the city lover πŸ˜‚ (what am I even on about, only watched one episode of sex and the city but know how much those women loved to neck a Cosmo πŸ™„πŸ˜‚) Anyway on the real though. This weeks recommendation Is Vesper Cocktail bar. A place that has a golden age emerald Gatsby feel, where drinks are great and the service is too. It’s got a start of a night kinda vibe place. Not loud so you can catch up and sip some great juice😈.

Check out the menu too! They even have a deal 2 crafted Cocktails for Β£12 EVERY DAY until 7 πŸ€” Saturday or Sunday Days seshs seem like the can begin there 😬 (Obvs pls drink responsibly, know your limits, Linda )

Menu || Website || 50 Pall Mall :M2 1AQ

Till next time, hope you have a great weekend and week ahead😘✌🏾


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