January’s Top 5 Gotta Hit Restaurants

Mancs restaurants got deals on throughout Jan. These are my top 5 to hit! 🤙🏾



Originally posted on Fooditude 21:
I have been in Manchester for just over a year now… woo second year student!! When I arrived I was not so much of a food enthusiast, within like 3 weeks of being here I had been told about this cool, trendy take on fine dinning / finer dinning . All…

Sugar Junction

Originally posted on Fooditude 21:
Now I had seen these guys all over my Insta Feed. Follow check them out do whatever, it’s a strong page 😏Sugar Junction ✌🏾️.. They are pretty impressive. They are a cafe that sell some don ass food & cakes 🍰. They make it hard for me to really choose what they are…

Teppanyaki || China town MCR

Lets start this with a little food lesson and background of this post:  Teppanyaki (鉄板焼き teppan’yaki?) translates literally to “grilling on an iron plate.”  In traditional Japanese cuisine, Teppanyaki style cooking is used for meats such as steak and seafood, as well as dough-based foods like yakisoba (fried noodles) and rice. Teppanyaki is most often confused with Hibachi…